Computer GraphicsとComputer Visionについて

3DV 2017気になる論文

3DV 2017 ( ) で発表された中で気になる論文です。


  • Fast Incremental Bundle Adjustment with Covariance Recovery
    • best paper honorable mention
    • 第二著者にApple Inc.の方の名前が
  • Sparsity Invariant CNNs
    • best student paper
  • OctNetFusion: Learning Depth Fusion from Data


  • Batched Incremental Structure-from-Motion
  • Line-based Robust SfM with Little Image Overlap
  • Weakly Supervised 3D Reconstruction with Manifold Constraint
  • SEGCloud: 3D Semantic Segmentation on Point Cloud
  • Fast Multiview 3D Scan Registration using Planar Structures


  • Compact Model Representation for 3D Reconstruction
  • Complete 3D Room Geometry Reconstruction Using Audio-Visual Sensors
  • Matterport3D: Learning from RGB-D Data in Indoor Environments